The Stucture of the NBDF Rwanda

The bodies of the NBDF are the General Assembly, the Executive Committee and the Coordination.

General Assembly

The General Assembly is made up of all legally registered and admitted members of the Forum. It is a supreme body of the Forum. It meets once a year in the ordinary General Assembly or whenever there is a need for an Extraordinary Assembly. The General Assembly rules on the functioning of the forum, examines, and approves the plan of action, the budget, and annual reports. Only the General Assembly can admit or exclude a member from the Forum. The General Assembly votes or dismisses legal representatives of the Forum as well. Finally, the General Assembly can also amend the statutes and dissolve the Forum.

The Executive Committee

The executive committee is made up of the Legal Representative who is also Chairperson of the Forum, the deputy Legal representative who is also the deputy chairperson of the Forum, the Secretary General; the treasurer and Advisors. All of them are elected by the General Assembly from the effective members. They are elected for a mandate of three years renewable once. The executive committee meets every month or more as need may be.

National Coordination

It is made up of the National Coordinator and supporting staff who ensure daily and permanent services of the NBDF.

Organisational Chart

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